Demon Slayer Cliffhanger Sets Up Tanjiro's Toughest Fight Yet

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba has started the long awaited fight between Tanjiro Kamado and the Upper Rank demon Daki with the newest episode of the series! The anime is now a few episodes into the Entertainment District arc, and that means the action of the arc is now going to kick into full gear. After setting the stage for the main confrontation of the arc with the full introduction of Daki in the previous episode, Tanjiro and Inosuke have made their move on the demon and this means the main fight of the arc has now kicked in as well.

With the previous episode setting the stage for the true dangers Tanjiro, Inosuke, and most recently Zenitsu now find themselves facing off against, the newest episode of the second season sees Tanjiro and Inosuke making their move. Fearing the worse for the Oiran he had been working under during his time in a disguise, he soon comes face to face with Daki and sees first hand just what kind of trouble it's going to be in order to take on another member of the Upper Ranks after Akaza and the Mugen Train fight

(Photo: ufotable)

Episode 3 of the Entertainment District arc saw Zenitsu put in some grave danger as he was caught by Daki's scarves, and Episode 4 of the arc sees Tanjiro and the others moving in response. Tengen reveals to them that their next opponent is a member of the Upper Ranks and orders Tanjiro and Inosuke to escape with their lives before it's too late. But it's already too late for Tanjiro and Inosuke as the two try their best to make a move on the demon during the day. Unfortunately, while that investigation leads them somewhere, it's much too late. 

After apologizing to the Oiran he was working under when he's about to leave, Tanjiro smells a sweet scent that he recognizes as a demonic threat. It's here he realizes that Daki is in the midst of eating this Oiran (using her upcoming leaving as a cover for it), but Tanjiro is able to save her just in time. It's not without problem, however, as Tanjiro is so stricken by fear that he feels as if his limbs can no longer move under his own power. Staring this fear and demonic power right in the face, Tanjiro is gearing up for his next major fight. 

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