Digimon Adventure Cliffhanger Teases the Fight with Devimon

Digimon Adventure has reached the climax of its first major arc, and Tai, Yamato and Takeru have made their way through Devimon's castle and the newest episode's cliffhanger teased a fight with the devil itself. Tai, Yamato, and Yamato's little brother Takeru have been unfortunately left by themselves after Devimon sent the others back to the human world. Forced to continue their journey to save the Holy Digimon alone, the three of them ventured into Devimon's castle. Following the death and rebirth of Angemon as a Digitama (Digi Egg), the three of them gave chase to save it in the newest episode.

Following a clash with DarkKnightmon in which WereGarurumon unlocked a brand new form, the fallen Angemon's Digitama evolved and opened. When it evolved it ended up shining a holy light that not only destroyed Devimon's castle, but now has Devimon himself staring down Tai, Yamato, and Takeru at the end of the newest episode.

Episode 22 follows up on the previous cliffhanger that saw DarkKnightmon escape with Angemon's Digitama into a dark new corner of Devimon's castle. The ensuing fight nearly destroyed them both, so there was a genuine mystery as how the three of them would survive the rest of the threats within it. But soon there was a, quite literal, light of hope as Takeru's DigiTama soon cracks open and evolves.

Digimon Adventure Devimon Anime Reboot Fight
(Photo: Toei Animation)

Filled with a holy power like when Angemon sacrificed himself to save Takeru and the others in a prior episode, the DigiTama hatched and revealed a cuddly baby Digimon inside of it. This hatching sent a huge wave of light throughout the castle and completed destroyed alongside the threatening DarkKnightmon.

With the castle completely destroyed, Devimon emerges from the rubble as a dark mass of energy. Devimon then laughs at the fact that he and the Holy Digimon are finally meeting, and calls him a "dear...old friend." Claiming that a fall to darkness would be a "salvation" that he offers the Holy Digimon, the newest episode of the series ends on a cliffhanger that teases we'll finally get the Devimon fight we've been waiting to see.


Devimon was the first major villain of the original Digimon Adventure series, and with how much the reboot series has changed from the original there's been a major question as to how much will be changed about the fight with Devimon. Then there's the question of what will come next. What do you think?

Curious to see how the fight with Devimon plays out in the new series? Wondering what kind of changes will be made to the new version of the fight? Where will the reboot series go from here? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!