Digimon Adventure Reveals Next Ending Theme

Digimon Adventure is getting ready for its next big arc, and the series has dropped new details for its next ending theme. Now that Tai, Yamato, and Takeru have officially defeated Devimon, the three of them have discovered that the Dark Continent they were on was actually only a fraction of the new Digital World fans had been introduced to in the reboot series. As the DigiDestined prepare to see what the rest of the new Digital World, it seems the anime will be changing itself some as well with a new ending theme coming soon.

The official Twitter account for the new Digimon Adventure series revealed that a new ending theme will be coming for the anime with Episode 27. Airing on December 6th in Japan (and streaming on Crunchyroll for fans in other territories), the new ending theme for the series will be called "Mind Game," as performed by singer Maica_n.

Digimon Adventure's newest episode saw the immediately fallout of the fight against Devimon as it was revealed that the continent they started on was actually an island in the clouds. Following Devimon's defeat, Eldoradimon (the ancient Digimon that Devimon had commandeered with his dark powers) started falling through the sky. Thanks to some quick thinking, Tai and Yamato managed to help the Digimon land safely. But now they find themselves in a completely new area.

This new arc will be taking the series in an even more unexpected direction than the series' original arc as the DigiDestined fight in both the real and digital worlds. But like the last ending theme shift, it's quite possible it will change to potentially reflect a new addition to the DigiDestined crew going forward. Are you looking forward to the new ending theme? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!