Digimon Shares Official Artwork of New Agumon and Graymon Evolutions

You might wonder what's going on in the Digimon fandom every so often, but the answer is quite simple. These days, the franchise is living its best life with a brand-new movie and evolutions to go with its most popular monsters. Back in the day, fans thought they knew everything there was to about Agumon and Gabumon... but that is not the case. Not long ago, it was revealed the monsters have yet another evolution, and official designs for the forms have gone live.

Over on Twitter, the user JP_Excelsior shared the special stills when Toei Animation made them public. Not only did the artwork give a close-up look at the new monster Morphomon, but it gave a special spotlight to some familiar faces.

As you can see below, the Digimon artwork for Agumon shows off his new Bond of Courage transformation. One photo shows Taichi's partner while Gabumon takes over the other with his Bond of Friendship evolution. In both forms, the Digimon take on humanistic features, and the evolutions are a far cry from what fans know already.

Looking at Agumon, the slim figure is packed with lean muscles, and it sees the dragon spitting fire from horns which come over his shoulders. The rest of the form gives Agumon a slight different color palate thanks to some white-blue stripes, and fans agree the look suits him.

As for Gabumon, the humanoid figure looks older than the one Agumon tackles. This monster also seems to be wearing way more armor as they steel blue number is lined with red lights. Complete with a tail, Gabumon looks more like a mechanical monster than Agumon's Bond form, but that does suit Matt's style.


These two forms made their debut in Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna. The movie went live in Japan last year, but it will make its way to U.S. theaters later this month for a select time if you'd like to see it.

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