Digimon Adventure Reboot Finally Breaks a Long Leomon Streak

Digimon Adventure's reboot anime series finally broke a long and hilarious Leomon streak with the final episode! Toei Animation and Bandai's special 20th Anniversary reboot of the original Digimon Adventure anime series introduced a whole new take on the original DigiDestined along with introducing fans to a much bigger Digital World. The allies were stronger, the scale was bigger, and the overall threats of the series were much more monumental as well. That's why when the reboot introduced its new version of Leomon fans were immediately worried about whether or not this version of the Digimon would make it all the way through the series alive. 

It's become a long held joke about fans that any time that a Leomon is introduced into the anime (sometimes regardless of whether or not it's a base Leomon either), they end up dying or sacrificing themselves to save the DigiDestined before the anime comes to an end. It varies from series to series as how Leomon dies (and sometimes Leomon variants don't die in the manga or spin-off releases of the franchise), but the fighter usually bites the bullet. With the end of the Digimon Adventure reboot, however, Leomon actually survives to the end and breaks a long held, yet hilarious streak. 

(Photo: Toei Animation)

Episode 67 brought the new Digimon Adventure series to an end, and it was looking pretty bad for the Digital World towards the end. As the final threat, Abaddomon, began to absorb both the digital and human worlds into a complete white void, it was beginning to look like many of the Digimon would not survive the final battle. But when Tai and Matt and the rest of the DigiDestined were able to evolve Omegamon to a powerful new level, they ended the threat for good and saved the Digital World. 

The final moments of the series see Leomon (along with many of the other important Digimon) passing on the story of the chosen children's final battle, and Leomon thus survives until the end. It could be a result of the fact that this version of Leomon was far less hands on than in series' past, and that likely could have been a deliberate choice to keep him safe from the battles in retrospect. Regardless of the reason why, Leomon finally made it out alive! 


How do you feel about Leomon finally making it to the end of a Digimon anime series? How did you like this new version of Leomon in the reboot? What did you think of the reboot series overall? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!