Digimon Adventure Promo Teases Agumon's Next Evolution

Digimon Adventure surprised with one unexpectedly brutal death scene in the previous episode, and the surprises will keep on coming as a promo for the next episode of the reboot series teases Agumon's next evolution. The DigiDestined found themselves suddenly facing off against the Ultimate level Digimon, MetalTyranomon, and none of their current efforts were enough to topple the powerful new monster. But when Tai and Greymon did try and fight back, there was a strange glow in Greymon's eyes teasing that the two of them were nearing an Ultimate evolution. It seems that will be the case with the next episode of the series.

The preview for the next episode of the series teases that we'll be seeing MetalGreymon's big debut, and while this is certainly surprising given how soon it seems to be, this is just another reflection of how much stronger the DigiDestined (and by extension, their threats) are in this new series. With the crests built right into the power of the Digivices right from the start, this certainly makes the rest of this series intriguing as to how far each of these new DigiDestined will grow!

Episode 10 is titled "The Steel-Solid Super Evolution" and the synopsis shared by @Wikimon_news begins with picking up immediately where the intense cliffhanger for the previous episode left us off, "Metal Tyranomon's relentless attack hits Taichi and the others. For Taichi and co., who narrowly escape during the explosion, their only clue into the Holy Digimon are the words Orgemon left behind: 'straight ahead.'

The synopsis continues as such: "A small rift forms between Taichi and Yamato over those words. As Taichi and Agumon try to settle the score with Metal Tyranomon, he leaves it up to Yamato and the others to decide which route to go "straight ahead" and rushes into the forest He finally has a one-on-one battle with Metal Tyranomon! Despite being injured by its overwhelming power, Greymon is enveloped in light!"


Are you excited to see MetalGreymon make its debut in the next Digimon Adventure episode? Surprise to see this Ultimate evolution ten episodes into the new series? Does this mean SkullGreymon has been taken off the table completely? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!