Digimon Adventure Reboot Reveals Spoilery New Episode Titles

Digimon Adventure is back in a way fans never saw coming. The franchise hit it big this year in Japan when Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna was made public, and it bid farewell to the original DigiDestined kids. Still, Toei Animation could not part with Taichi so fast, so the studio invested in a total reboot of Digimon Adventure. The show's first episode debuted to rave reviews, and a slew of new episode titles are giving fans a clue about what's next for the reboot.

Over on Twitter, the user JP_Excelsior shared the new episode titles with Digimon Adventurefans courtesy of a Japanese magazine. The issue contained the names of reboot's second - sixth releases, so you can check out the names below:

3 - And, to the Digital World

4 - Birdramon Takes Flight

5 - Holy Digimon

6 - The Targeted Kingdom

Not long ago, the second episode went public, so fans were eager to see what went down. "And to the Digital World" saw Taichi explore the Digital World a bit more with Agumon at his side. It did not take him too, too long before finding another human in the world. And as fate would have it, Taichi's new (and yet very familiar) comrades are about his age.


The next Digimon Adventure episodes are a bit more vague, but fans can guess which Digimon the refer to. Episode 4 will surely follow Biyomon as they retransform into Birdramon for the first time, and the follow episode has the name of Angemon written all over it. Currently, the anime has raked in positive responses from fans new and old. These next few episodes will make or break that reputation, and many are hoping this Digimon reboot will live up to the hype.

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