Digimon Reboot Confirms Returning Cast

Digimon Adventure will be launching a huge revival series that re-imagines the adventures of the eight original DigiDestined for a new generation. De-aging that original cast of characters and putting them in the modern day, this upcoming reboot series will be making several changes to what fans of the original series fell in love with the first time around. But luckily for many fans who went and checked out the Japanese language release of the first season, there will be a familiar voice cast accompanying the new surroundings as many of the cast is making their return.

Digimon Adventure:'s reboot anime has confirmed that alongside the new addition of Masako Nozawa to the cast as the narrator for the new series, that the majority of the original cast will be reprising their roles. Despite Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna ending the adventures of the original timeline (which will unfortunately be held off from United States fans for a little while longer), the cast will be coming back to perform for the younger versions of their characters.

The only significant change to the cast are Yuko Sanpei (Boruto: Naruto Next Generations' Boruto) as Tai, Takeshi Kusao (Dragon Ball Super's Trunks) as Joe, and Mie Sonozaki, who will be taking over the role of Gatomon from Yuka Tokumitsu. Here's the full rundown of the cast as reported by Comic Natalie:

  • Yuko Sanpei as Taichi Yagami
  • Daisuke Namikawa as Yamato Ishida
  • Ryoko Shiraishi as Sora Takenouchi
  • Yumiko Kobayashi as Koushiro Izumi
  • Marika Kouno as Mimi Tachikawa
  • Takeshi Kusao as Joe Kido
  • Megumi Han as Takeru "T.K." Takaishi
  • Misaki Watada as Hikari Yagami
  • Chika Sakamoto as Agumon
  • Mayumi Yamaguchi as Gabumon
  • Atori Shigematsu as Biyomon
  • Takahiro Sakurai as Tentomon
  • Kinoko Yamada as Palmon
  • Junko Takeuchi as Gomamon
  • Miwa Matsumoto as Patamon
  • Mie Sonozaki as Gatomon

While there will be a few new voices gracing the series as it introduces a new generation of fans to the 20 plus year franchise, at least fans of the original will have an anchor to their nostalgia. Are you excited to see the original cast is on its way back for the new reboot anime? Have you seen the original Japanese release of Digimon? How are you feeling about what we've seen so far? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and other cool things @Valdezology on Twitter!

via Comic Natalie