Digimon Reboot Teases New Look for Evolution

As part of the celebration for its monumental 20th Anniversary, the Digimon franchise will be launching a new anime series that's gearing up to reboot the events of the original Digimon Adventure anime. Featuring new takes on the series' characters, this new series will be bringing the franchise into the modern day as the DigiDestined deal with a digital world that's far more technologically advanced than it was 20 years ago. This new Digimon Adventure: anime will not only be de-aging the original cast, but it seems like it will be changing some other staples of the original.

Fuji TV recently shared a special promotional video for Digimon Adventure: ahead of its premiere this April that showed off more footage from the series' first episode. Giving us more of a fleshed out look than that initial trailer, this promotional video sees Tai heading into the Digital World and meeting Koromon for the first time. But soon enough it evolves in a much more elaborate way than it used to!

As seen in the original series, when Digimon evolve from their In Training forms they tend to just glow for a bit before shifting into their Rookie evolutions. This was changed slightly in Digimon Adventure tri with the In Training forms making instant, off-screen shifts to the Rookie forms. So it's never really been that much of a monumental change beyond the first episode of the original anime series.

But in this preview for the reboot, Koromon's twin antennae begin to swirl between one another much like a DNA thread before it begins to glow with a fiery energy that transforms into Agumon. This might be the evolution style for this first debut alone, but it also could be indicative of how these evolutions will be portrayed differently in the new anime.


Digimon Adventure tri, and a few of the films, showed a much more elaborate and naturalistic take on evolution than the admittedly stiff portrait changes of the original series, and this new reboot anime seems to be reflecting this shift in style over the years. But since this is for a new audience, these changes continue to make more sense.

But what do you think? Are we getting a new look for Digimon evolution going forward? Is that a welcome change? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and other cool things @Valdezology on Twitter!