Digimon Fans Panic After Viral Photo Captures an Egg in the Sky

The Digimon franchise is now over 20 years old, and in that time fans have been introduced to a number of wildly varied digital monsters over the years. Although the franchise has had many iterations of the anime over the years, the one with the most notoriety is probably the very first one. Not only has Digimon Adventure made the biggest impact, but it continues to do so even with a brand new rebooted anime series (that's unfortunately been postponed for the time being due to the effects of the novel coronavirus). It's also one of the only versions of the franchise that got a theatrical film release!

Digimon: The Movie had its fair share of memorable moments as it compiled three different short films released for the franchise in Japan, but it started out with a bang as it introduced the DigiDestined to the concept of Digimon Eggs. With a giant egg coming out the sky, it showed them just how fearsome these Digital monsters could be. But they're not real...right?

As noted by various fans on Reddit, a photo has gone viral for seemingly having a giant egg appear in the middle of the sky. With its distinct shape and pattern, fans have been wondering if that also means that there's a giant Digimon on the inside waiting to break out like Parrotmon once did.

Parrotmon? from r/digimon

There have been a number of classic Digimon anime moments featuring an egg right in the center of it all, so the mysterious egg has become an icon in its own right. There's no telling what kind of Digimon will be popping out of an egg at any given time, and that's one of the big features that had been adapted from Bandai's original digital pet incarnations of the franchise. You'd raise a Digimon from an egg and have it battle with friends you'd connect your little machine with. It was like you had a Digivice and partner Digimon all your own in the real world!

Did you imagine you had your own Digivice and Digimon partner back when the anime first premiered too? What Digimon would you want as your partner? What are your favorite seasons of the anime so far? Which one is the best overall? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!