Digimon Size Chart Shows How Big Its Monsters Really Are

Digimon has been around for decades now, but fans have never had a good idea of how big its monsters would look in real life. The anime does its best to put things to scale, but it is not possible for some of the bigger monsters. Things can even get wonky with Digimon as tiny as Agumon, so one fan decided to do a bit of math to make an actual size chart for Digimon.

And let us tell you what, some of your favorite Digimon are taller than we expected. Even some of the DigiDestined are shorter than you may have thought, and it is no wonder they pale in comparison to their partner's evolution. We should be happy WarGreymon can even see Taichi given how tall the monster becomes!

Thanks to the user Homeos Tasis on Twitter, a real size comparison chart for Digimon has gone live. The artwork appears to be based on official line art provided for each monster, and the scale in which these evolutions differ are pretty insane.

As you can see above, the chart begins with our smallest heroes such as Agumon and even Taichi. It seems like these characters don't even reach the second marker of this chart, and their grown form would only barely pass the mark. For fans, it makes sense that Taichi and Agumon are about the same size as they are mostly drawn that way in the anime, but things get real crazy when the Digimon begin to evolve.

After all, Greymon alone towers at the eighth marker on the charter. That means the evolution is over four times the size of Agumon, so it is a miracle Greymon can even hear Taichi when they are that far apart. It gets worse as the Digimon evolutions continue as Greymon's bigger forms hit the seventeenth marker. And if you do a bit of math, you will realize how massive those evolutions are compared to Taichi.


The same goes for Gabumon as the wolfish Digimon towers over Ishida at his most powerful. Of course, Garurumon is not quite as tall as Greymon given that the latter is bipedal, but the wolf catches up real quick. There are few if any of the original Digimon who could outsize these two at their most powerful, so fans should keep that in mind the next time they watch the anime.

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