Dororo Reveals English Dub Voice Cast

Sentai Filmworks has revealed the voice cast for Dororo's brand new English dub! Osamu Tezuka's [...]

Sentai Filmworks has revealed the voice cast for Dororo's brand new English dub! Osamu Tezuka's classic Dororo manga came back in a major way with a new rebooted anime series produced by MAPPA and Tezuka Productions back in 2019. This 24 episode series was a big hit among fans when it debuted, but it was launched as an exclusive streaming release with Amazon Prime Video. But just as how they previously announced with WIT Studio's Vinland Saga, Sentai Filmworks has acquired the official and exclusive home video license for Dororo's anime run.

Sentai Filmworks will be launching Dororo on Blu-ray on June 29th, and it will include both Japanese and English dubs. With a clip showing off what this new dub will consist of, Sentai Filmworks has also confirmed the full voice cast for the brand new dub of the series (directed by Kyle Colby Jones) coming with the home video release. Check out the English dub clip below:

Dororo's English dub cast breaks down as such:

  • Chaney Moore as Dororo
  • Adam Gibbs as Hyakkimaru
  • Blake Jackson as Tahomaru
  • James Belcher as Biwamaru
  • David Wald as DaigoKagemitsu
  • Patricia Duran as Nuinokata
  • Andrew Love as Hyogo
  • ElissaCuellar as Mutsu
  • Ty Mahany as Jukai
  • Antonio Lasanta as Kaname
  • Orlanders Tao Jones as Sabu
  • John Gremillion as Denkichi
  • Joanne Bonasso as Bandai
  • Kyle Colby Jones as Kanekozo and Doshu
  • Gabriel Regojo as Daigo Spy
  • Avery Smithhart as Osushi
  • Joe Daniels as Tanosuke
  • Luci Christian as Mio and Sukeroku
  • Brittney Karbowski as Take
  • Rob Mungle as Daigo Commander
  • Christine Auten as Ohagi
  • John Swasey as Yajiro
  • Kira Vincent-Davis as Saru
  • Heidi Hinkel as Oume
  • Josh Morrison as Hibukuro
  • Melissa Engler as Ojiya
  • Greg Cote as Itachi
  • Molly Searcy as Okaka
  • Jay Hickman as Lord Sabame
  • KalinCoates as YokaiKozo
  • Josh Grelle as Shiranui
  • Jad Saxton as Okowa
  • Jason Douglas as Munetsuna and Narrator
  • Jeremy Gee as Saburota
  • Sean Patrick Judge as Yahiko
  • Holly Segarra as Sakichi
  • Dave Harbold as Lord Asakura
  • Adam Noble as Jiheita

Sentai Filmworks describes Dororo as such, "Life as an orphan in feudal Japan is brutal, and while street thief Dororo has managed to survive, wile and craft can only go so far in the body of a child. Then, just when it seems that Dororo's luck has run out, he's rescued from a man-eating ghoul by a mysterious young man wearing a doll-like mask and artificial limbs that conceal deadly blades!

Born without arms, legs, sight, hearing and even skin after his father crafted a monstrous deal with the forces of darkness, Hyakkimaru now somehow seeks out the demons who cursed him, regaining one of his lost attributes for each monster slain. With deadly secrets from his own past to protect, the young thief joins into an alliance with the impossible warrior, setting forth on a quest to restore Hyakkimaru's stolen humanity and rid Japan of devils in DORORO!"

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