Dragon Ball Cosplay Takes on Android 18's Tournament of Power Look

One awesome Dragon Ball Super cosplay is taking on Android 18's Tournament of Power makeover head on! While the manga release for the series has continued far beyond where the anime came to an end, fans of the franchise hold the anime's final arc in quite a high regard. The Tournament of Power brought some of the most memorable fights to the anime's run overall, and had some pretty huge moments for every character involved in Universe 7's teams. This included the surprising showing out for the Androids 17 and 18 throughout the arc. 

Android 17 might have gone on to win the entire tournament, but the Android who got the most attention through the arc as a whole was definitely Android 18. Not only did she have some big moments alongside Krillin, but seeing she and her brother going all out for once in a very long time was something definitely appreciated by fans. It's also why seeing her in action is so exciting considering how rare it's become for the franchise overall as well. Android 18 returned to action with a whole new tracksuited look in tow, and this look has been brought to life awesomely through artist @naomi.moonz's cosplay on Instagram! Check it out below: 

Android 18 unfortunately hasn't seen much actual combat in the series since the Tournament of Power, but she was one of the many fighters who was helping defend the Earth from Planet Eater Moro and his group of prisoners during the Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc. She did not play as big of a role in the events like her time during the Tournament of Power, but the arc did reveal that the Androids are now part of the rotation of fighters that we'll see defending the Earth going forward. 


This is why fans are hoping to see more of the manga come to life through anime someday, and while that is still up in the air, the franchise will be returning to animation soon enough with the next feature film, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. Super Hero is currently scheduled to release in Japan sometime next year, but there's still much we don't know about which characters will be coming along for the ride. Maybe Android 18 will be one of the lucky fighters? But what do you think? Let us know all of your thoughts about Android 18 in the comments!