Dragon Ball Poster Introduces Trunks to Back to the Future

Dragon Ball fans have come to love Future Trunks on principle alone. The character made one of the most epic debuts of the franchise, and his takedown of Mecha Freeza was insane. To this day, fans will come to the hero's side whenever needed, and one artist decided it was time to show the character some love with a spot-on crossover.

The idea came from the artist lumlum_01 who took to Twitter to share their crossover pitch. The artist felt it was the perfect time to give Future Trunks a very different time-travel adventure, and that means hooking the hero up with Back to the Future.

As you can see in the poster below, Future Trunks is seen in this poster taking the spot of Marty McFly. The boy has traded his trademark sword and purple jacket for the character's red jacket and jeans. With a wristwatch by his side, Future Trunks has also upgraded his ride with a sweet Delorean.

Of course, Future Trunks needs his own Doc Brown in this crossover, but that is easy enough to fix. After all, the boy's mother is the one who figured out how to travel through time in Dragon Ball! Bulma is shown taking the doctor's place, and her eccentric personality suits the crossover perfectly.

With this crossover in the bag, fans are doing their best to recast the rest of Back to the Future with Dragon Ball characters. Vegeta would have to be George McFly, so that would certainly change things. We aren't sure how to deal with Lorraine given Bulma's spot as Doc Brown, but we are pretty sure Biff would be an excellent role for Yamcha to explore.


What do you think about this crossover pitch? Do you think Dragon Balland Back to the Future are ripe for a team-up? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!