Dragon Ball Super Artist Animates Epic Saiyan Battle in New How-To Video

Dragon Ball fans may be starved of anime content right now, but one of the series' best artists is tossing them a bone to tide them over. While Goku and Vegeta continue the Dragon Ball Super epic in the manga, Yuya Takahashi has been busy working on projects of his own. The animator was too busy working one the anime a few years back to pursue them then, but as a new clip shows, Takahashi has had time to animate battles of his own to teach aspirating artists how it is done.

Over on Youtube, Takahashi wowed Dragon Ball Super fans with key animation of a fight he choreographed. The fluid artwork isn't as detailed as a polished scene, but fans know this key animation would do a lot for any anime battle. Its dynamic movement is impossible to ignore, and it looks like something every Dragon Ball fan as dreamt of.

The clip begins with a Saiyan seemingly flying forward at insane speed, and the figure's hair suggests they have gone Super Saiyan. They are met with another fighter drawn in green, and the bulky opponent could easily pass for Broly. In fact this entire fight suits Dragon Ball Super: Broly, so it isn't surprising to see how much fans love this reel.

If you check out the full video done by Takahashi, you will see how the animator brought this clip to life. The artist created his own Youtube channel to teach other artists how to do animation, and it is impressive to see the work which went into such a short key animation clip. It has given Dragon Ball Super fans a better appreciation of what goes into making anime, so maybe they will have a bit more patience with the franchise's rumored comeback.

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