Dragon Ball: Soccer Star Channels Goku in New Field Celebration

Instant Transmission has become one of the biggest techniques that Son Goku has learned outside of the likes of the Kamehameha, Ultra Instinct, and his various levels of Super Saiyan over the years. With Dragon Ball Super recently showing off the move quite a bit in recent storylines, a major football player has recently worn their love of Goku and the Z-Fighters on their sleeve, attempting to teleport themselves while on the field as both Goku and Vegeta have done in the past.    

To say that Aubameyang is a Dragon Ball fan is apparently an understatement, with the football player having a Twitter Profile Picture that imagines him as a character within the universe created by Akira Toriyama while preparing to use the teleporting technique known as Instant Transmission. While on the field for a recent game, Pierre-Emerick once again posed while placing his fingers against his temple, mimicking the technique which Son Goku has used throughout countless battles and Vegeta was able to recently learn during the Moro Arc of Dragon Ball Super's manga. Granting the users the ability to instantly move from one locale to another if they are able to sense a familiar energy, the Z-Fighters learned quite the trick from the Planet Yardrat and its people.

Aubameyang's Official Twitter Account shared the latest instance of the football player pretending to access the power of Instant Transmission, placing him alongside Goku in his Planet Yardrat attire which he wore when he returned to meet Future Trunks right before the start of the Android Saga:

Currently, the Instant Transmission technique is playing a major role in the latest arc of Dragon Ball Super's manga, with Goku employing the move against the current strongest being in the universe, Gas of the Heeters. With the villain unable to access this power, Son is able to lead him away from the battle on the Planet Cereal, giving both Granolah and Vegeta some serious breathing room to heal from their wounds. While Gas is still on his way to re-enter the battle, Instant Transmission might play a major role in winning the day for the Z-Fighters.

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