Dragon Ball Unveils a New Wave of Funko Pops

Dragon Ball has collected dozens of Funko Pops over the year, and the franchise is not done yet. For better or worse, the anime has become a magnet for Funko collectors who are interested in bringing their favorite shows to their shelves. Dragon Ball leaned into those requests hard, and thanks to a new update, fans know which characters will make up the anime's eighth Funko wave.

The information surfaced online overnight after Target updates its list of Funko. It was there fans saw six new Dragon Ball Z figures appear, and each of them focuses on the franchise's main heroes.

As you can see down below, Evil But is getting his own Funko, so fans can pair the gaunt baddie with Majin Buu. There will be a second villain-centric Pop thanks to Frieza. The iconic baddie is shown in his final form here, and Frieza is flexing every muscle in his body to intimidate Goku.

Of course, that is way easier said than done. Goku does not get scared easily and least of all by Frieza. The hero is getting their own Funko with this wave that shows their Super Saiyan powers off. There are other Super Saiyan Goku Funko out there, but this new one will show Goku summoning energy around his feet as he prepares for battle.

Super Saiyan Gohan will also be represented in this new wave before Vegeta takes up the last two spots. Funko will give the man a sleek Majin makeover. The figure's head carries a 'M' as we expected, and the beaten hero has a swirl of unchecked energy swirling around their feet. Vegeta's other Funko will focus on the fighter as a child. The figure is of Vegeta as a young boy, and the princely character is seen wearing a red cape with his Saiyan armor that fits his ever-present tail from behind.


Currently, these Funko Pops have been spotted on Target for pre-order, but many of them sold out quickly. For now, fans will have to wait for Funko to give out more information o this wave and where each collectible can be found.

What do you think about this new wave of figures? Which other Dragon Ball moments need to be immortalized with a Funko? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.