Dragon Ball Heroes Promo Ends Its Latest Big Bang Mission

Super Dragon Ball Heroes first got its start as an Arcade Game, asking players to collect cards to use on arcade machines which would allow them to utilize the power of countless characters from the Shonen franchise. Now, with the battle against Goku Black having ended, so to has the conflict against the mad scientist Fuu wrapped, and the Big Bang Mission has come to a close as a new arc prepares to land later this year in the Ultra God Mission. 

While the main Dragon Ball Super series is on hiatus when it comes to its anime, the Z Fighters are set to return in April via Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, the next movie in the series that will take the opportunity to place the likes of Gohan, Piccolo, and Pan into starring roles. With Heroes also set to make a return this year, the producer of the spin-off series has gone on record that they are hoping for the series to continue for another decade, which is certainly possible considering the far-out territory that the spin-off has explored so far.

Twitter Outlet DBS Chronicles shared the brief conclusion of the arc via the Dragon Ball Heroes' arcade game, showing the Goku of our main universe defeating the new form of the Dark Demon Dimension Scientist, Fuu, and bringing the universe back to normal before things are thrown into disarray once again in the coming arc:

The Big Bang Mission not only brought back plenty of older characters from the series, but it also took the opportunity to introduce some wild new elements to the franchise, such as the transformation known as Super Saiyan 4 Limit Breaker and Super Saiyan 3 Rose to name a few. Based on the track record of Super Dragon Ball Heroes so far, we can definitely expect new territory to be explored when the series begins the Ultra God Mission later this year and perhaps will bring in Vegeta's new form, Ultra Ego, into animation for the first time.

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