Dragon Ball Heroes Reveals Major Secret About Towa

Dragon Ball Heroes hasn't just brought back transformations like Super Saiyan 4, but has also introduced a number of new characters to the Shonen mythos, and the latest episode of the anime has revealed some big secrets about Towa, the female fighter from the Dark Demon Dimension! Towa has been a part of the spinoff series since the Dark Demon Dimension was first introduced within the video game, and the recent revelation about her past has big implications for the female warrior who was born from the reality that spawned the likes of the Majin Buu saga's Dabora!

In the latest episode of Super Dragon Ball Heroes, Towa revealed herself as the mother of Fuu, the demonic scientist that has been the main antagonist of the anime spinoff series that has been responsible for a number of problems that have been launched at both the Z Fighters and the Time Patrol respectively! In the first episode of the second season, we bore witness to Towa launching her son as the Time Patrol was able to take down the Dark Demon Dimension with Super Saiyan 4 Vegito and Super Saiyan God Trunks taking center stage. Though not as strong as her son, she is an adept warrior spawned from the Dark Demon Dimension all the same!

Twitter User DBS Chronciles shared the breakdown of the revelation that Towa had modeled her son to be the inheritor of the power of the Demon King, while also giving him the added bonus of the DNA of many heroes and villains that were established within the Dragon Ball universe:

Fuu has mostly spent the majority of the Super Dragon Ball Heroes on the sidelines, mostly pulling the strings via his subordinates and/or test subjects such as the "Evil Saiyan" Cumber, Super 17, Bardock, and Bojack to name a few. With Fuu currently standing toe to toe with Vegito, it's clear that he is one of the strongest villains in Dragon Ball history!

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