'Dragon Ball' Reveals Akira Toriyama's Newest Characters

Yes, Dragon Ball Super may have ended its TV show, but that doesn’t mean the franchise is wasting away. In a few months, Toei Animation will share its first Dragon Ball Super film, and its video game collection will grow over the year. Akira Toriyama may not be entrenched in all of these projects, but the famed creator is definitely lending his talent to a few select pieces.

So, if you want to see the artist’s newest Dragon Ball characters, then here you go!

Recently, a slew of new anime magazines went live in Japan, and one of them featured info on Dragon Ball Legends. The upcoming mobile title promises to bring a new story to anime fandom, and fans reacted well to its debut of a new Saiyan named Shallot. And, as you can see below, the fighter will be joined by two other Toriyama originals.

According to V-Jump, Shallot was created by Toriyama along with Zahha and an unnamed character known as Hood Man. The magazine revealed images of the trio, and fans are already theorizing what the gang could be up to.

Of course, Shallot’s appearance is not a surprising one. The hero is shown with long black hair and sharp features that are similar to Goku. Dressed in Saiyan armor, Shallot looks like he’s ready to kick butt, but he is not the only one.


As you can see, Zahha isn’t a pushover, and his massive sword should make that clear. The helmeted hero appears to be an alien race of some sort, and his majestic teal hair would make Vados jealous. On the other hand, the mysterious Hood Man is seen covered in a long brown coat, but what fans can see of the guy is strange. In fact, the character looks eerily like Shallot, so fans are wondering if Toriyama may introduce his first set of Saiyan twins with this new game.

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