Dragon Ball Fans Make Case for Gohan's Great Saiyaman Inspiration

Dragon Ball fans all have their favorite characters, but those who pick Gohan as they favorite are often asked a few questions. The character showed tons of promise in Dragon Ball Z, but his character arc went rogue by the time Dragon Ball Super showed up. Fan still mock Gohan for his Great Saiyaman shtick to this day, but a new theory has fans wondering if there is more to the superhero ego than they think.

The idea was brought up recently on Reddit after a fan asked whether Android 16 could have inspired Gohan to become the Great Saiyaman. His superhero personality was best-known for saving humanity from smaller threats, and Gohan got lots of love for his work. Of course, his antics were a bit goofy given his Super Sentai roots, but his outfit may speak to Android 16.

You can see a comparison of Gohan's outfit below to the one that Android 16 wore during Dragon Ball. The color scheme are an exact match, and the Great Saiyaman even wore an orange helmet that mimics Android 16's hair. It is a curious idea, for sure, but some are not convinced of the theory.

What if Great Saiyaman is a tribute to Android 16 from Gohan?🤔 from r/dbz

After all, Bulma was the one to design Gohan's superhero suit. That alone has made fans suspicious, but there is no telling if Bulma may have based it off Android 16 or if Gohan requested she do so. There is always the chance Akira Toriyama just made the homage himself with zero explanation because - well, that wouldn't be the first time that happened.


Given how important Android 16 was to Gohan, it makes since the half-saiyan would channel him as a hero. The pair did not speak much on-screen, but the death of Android 16 ranks as one of Gohan's most emotional moments in Dragon Ball. The boy managed to go Super Saiyan 2 from the grief he felt, and that is quite the feat. Such a person would leave an impact on Gohan's life, and whether he admits it or not, Android 16 likely pushed the boy to become the people's hero.

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