Dragon Ball Super Illustrator Asks Fans to Stop Spreading Spoilers in Now-Deleted Tweet

With Dragon Ball Super's anime currently on hiatus, with no return date having been confirmed at this point, all eyes are on the manga which is currently telling new stories of the Z Fighters as they battle against the wizard Moro, but an illustrator for the series implored fans to not spread spoilers in a now deleted Tweet! Toyotaro, the artist in question, got his start in the manga world by creating a fan fiction manga for Dragon Ball AF and eventually got the role of illustrator for the main manga series, proving that anything can happen in the medium of anime!

Dragon Ball Super's manga is usually released on a monthly basis, but this hasn't stopped fans from discovering ways to find out what is going to happen to the Z Fighters via other means. With rough drafts of sketches and spoilers being leaked via social media, it's no surprise to see that Toyotaro would be hoping to keep the main events of the series under wraps so as not to ruin the story line for those currently following along with it. With Moro rampaging across the Earth and gaining a brand new power boost, it is definitely worth while to avoid spoilers as any fighter could potentially die at any moment!

Twitter User CDCCubed had managed to snag the now deleted Tweet from Toyotaro, in which the artist pleads with social media netizens to "please cut it out, for real" when it comes to sharing upcoming spoilers for the upcoming chapter of Dragon Ball Super and the Z Fighters' war against Moro:

Currently, in the manga, Moro has done the unthinkable and defeated Goku while he was in his mastered Ultra Instinct state of Ultra Instinct Sign, while also absorbing his artificial henchman, OG73-1, giving him a power boost and a drastically different appearance. Moro takes the opportunity to single handedly defeat the Z Fighters one at a time before running into a new "road block" in the form Merus, the renegade angel that joined the Galactic Patrol in a bid to protect the universe.

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