Dragon Ball Fan Shares Hilarious "Pervy" Naruto Fusion Tattoo

Surprisingly, the Shonen series of Dragon Ball and Naruto have more in common than just high powered battles and lunk headed protagonists, but also old "pervy" teachers in the forms of Master Roshi and Jiraiya who helped the leads reach new levels of strength and one fan has managed to blend the two characters together in a hilarious tattoo! Though Jiraiya is no longer a part of the franchise considering he passed from the land of the living in Naruto: Shippuden, his legacy lives on in one of the most unexpected ways via Kashin Koji within the Kara Organization!

Currently, in the pages of Dragon Ball Super's manga, Master Roshi has been given a big role in the battle against Moro, battling against the energy absorbing sorcerer's henchmen. On top of this, the past few weeks have shined a big spotlight on the Turtle Hermit, as Roshi has also been added to the roster of fighters within the video game entry of Dragon Ball FighterZ. Presented as a DLC character, Master Roshi continues to be an essential part of the Dragon Ball franchise in the anime, manga, and across a number of different platforms that the Dragon Ball series finds itself a part of!

Instagram User Hana_Bi_Tattoo shared this amazing tattoo that shows off Master Roshi wearing the attire of the "Pervy Sage" who helped teach Naruto how to become a better ninja and wield the power of the devastating energy attack known as Rasengan:

With Kashin Koji revealed to be a clone of Jiraiya by Kara Organization's former scientist, Amado, it will be interesting to see if the rogue ninja will eventually live up to his "father".

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