Dragon Ball Super Reveals Goku's Closest Save to Date

Dragon Ball is no stranger to delivering nail-biting tension by putting key characters in serious peril during battle. After all, ever since Dragon Ball Z the series has held a reputation for sacrificing major characters in order to advance a battle or spark new power-ups - and you never know when one of those surprise deaths could happen. Dragon Ball Super has played things a lot safer than Dragon Ball Z did, as most of the major characters in the series have managed to live to fight another day. However, Dragon Ball Super manga Chapter 76 set the stage for Vegeta's potential downfall - but thanks to Goku, that crisis was averted! 

Warning: Dragon Ball Super Chapter 76 SPOILERS Follow! 

The new chapter of Dragon Ball Super is all about the continuing fight against Granolah, the Cerealian warrior whose planet was wiped out by Freeza's Saiyan mercenaries. Not surprisingly, Granolah has been ready to take out the vengeance of his people's genocide against two of the only remaining Saiyans, Goku, and Vegeta. Thanks to a wish from a new set of Cerealian Dragon Balls, Granolah's formidable native powers (enhanced eye and energy blasts) have been enhanced to the level of no less than "strongest in the universe," he's certainly been proving that title true! 

Granolah used a Naruto-style clone body to battle Ultra Instinct Goku, ultimately ambushing the Saiyan hero with his real body and taking Goku down. When Vegeta was in Granolah's sights, something very different happened: the intense thrashing and near-death experience of battling Granolah made Vegeta tap into the powers of a God of Destruction, and achieve the new form of "Ultra Ego." However, Vegeta's sudden evolution made Granolah also evolve in power - and in Chapter 76 we learn whose power is growing fastest! 


Unfortunately for Vegeta, Granloah's boosted powers once again make him the strongest warrior on the battlefield. Despite the fact that Vegeta will not relent, Granolah has the chance to make the killing strike, with a critical vital point hit. But just as Granolah is about to make contact, Goku uses a 'Force push' technique to nudge his longtime frienemy out of the way. If not for that save, Vegeta would have likely been fatally annihilated by Granolah's attack. 

Goku's saving graces don't end there: Vegeta ultimately decides to forsake Goku's help and battle Granolah alone - even if it means his death. And Granolah was happy to oblige by powering up an attack that would consume both him and Vegeta - but thanks to another intervention by Goku (and Granolah's Namekian friend), Vegeta is saved once again. 

Will the Saiyan Prince be grateful for Goku saving his life (twice)? Don't bet on it. 


Dragon Ball Super's newest chapter is currently free online to read.