Dragon Ball Creator Akira Toriyama Begins Transitioning Series Control to Son

It has been decades since Dragon Ball made its debut, and despite all the time that passed, creator Akira Toriyama is with the franchise each step of the way. The creator is a legend to millions now as he's helped shape shonen the way we know it today. Somehow, Goku is more popular than ever before these days, and Toriyama is to thank for his resurgence. And as the IP carries on, it seems the creator is eager to include the person who will oversee the series' legacy once he retires. 

The news came from San Diego Comic-Con has Dragon Ball brought its new film to Hall H. It was there Toei Animation producer Norihiro Hayashida appeared before fans, and he touched upon Toriyama's role in the project. As promised, the creator did oversee the story of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, and Toriyama did so with his only son.

According to Hayashida, Sasuke Toriyama was "in charge" of his father's legacy on the film and ensuring it was seen through. This is the first fans have heard about the creator's family being involved with Dragon Ball, but it is hardly a surprise. When it comes to famed creators, their estates are often overseen by family members, and you only have to look at J.R.R. Tolkien to see that is true. The famed English author passed their literary estate to his son Christopher who oversaw the handling of The Lord of the Rings IP until his own death. So when Toriyama wants to go into retirement, it seems likely Sasuke will head up the estate.

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Of course, Toriyama does have a protege when it comes to Dragon Ball and its creative vision. The artist began training up Toyotaro some years ago and currently works with them on the Dragon Ball Super manga. It seems likely Toyotaro would continue to work in tandem with Toriyama's estate once the creator enters retirement. So if Goku wishes, he can stick around for decades more to come.

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