Dragon Ball Super Sadly Reveals How Little Bardock Cared for Raditz

Dragon Ball Super sadly revealed just how little Bardock had cared about his son Raditz with the newest chapter of the series. While fans have had an understanding about the Saiyan warriors and how the race treated its weaker fighters, Dragon Ball Super has opened up the history of them quite a bit as it explores how the Saiyans impacted other races like the Cerealians with the Granolah the Survivor arc. As the newest chapter of the series explored how Bardock ultimately saved Granolah from an early death, it also shared more of his character as we can see him in a new light. 

While Bardock began showing the heroic side we eventually see in action with his final stand against Frieza, the newest chapter of the series revealed that the origin of this within Bardock sparked when he got a look at his son Kakarot's face. But as fans know all too well, Bardock has two sons in the series' canon. Which means that Bardock not only cared for Raditz much less, but also goes to show that while Bardock was changing, it came much later than it probably should have. 

(Photo: Shueisha)

Chapter 77 of the series sees Monaito reveal the real truth of what happened the day the Saiyans had attacked Cereal, and it was revealed that Bardock was actually the one who had saved Monaito and Granolah. As we get a look into Bardock's head, we get a chance to see him shortly before he's sent off to Cereal. Meeting with Gine, he discovers that she has given birth since the last time they had seen one another. Not only is he so detached from the process that he was unaware of the birth, but really unaware of the entire process seemingly as he coldly notes that Gine's belly has slimmed. 

But upon seeing his son Kakarot, he seems to have a change of heart that sparks the more heroic side that we see in action later. It's just that he's already had a son who can be clearly seen in the same flashback. So he had Raditz and went through the entire process of having a child, but for some reason it's seeing the young Goku that does it. It's a wonder about whether or not it's Saiyan nature or nurture that turns them into the warriors they are and that's especially notable considering the differences between Raditz and Goku. 

Look how they were raised and how they turned out! But what do you think? Is this a sign Bardock doesn't care about Raditz? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!