Dragon Ball Art Imagines Vegeta's Fierce CG Debut

Fans of Vegeta might not be thrilled with the recent revelations regarding the Prince of the Saiyans within the Moro Arc taking place in Dragon Ball Super's manga, but one artist has attempted to make Vegeta fans feel better about the recent events befalling the Saiyan with some amazing computer generated art work that brings to life all the transformations of the Z Fighter. Though Vegeta has yet to overcome his rival Goku when it comes to overall power level, thanks in part to Son's recent mastery of Ultra Instinct, his training on Yardrat allows him to perform moves we've never seen before!

Throughout the franchise, Vegeta has been attempting to defeat Goku, though his previous nefarious ways have been smoothed out thanks to raising a family with Bulma on the Planet Earth. While he dabbled into returning to the world of villainy during the Buu Arc by taking on the "Majin Vegeta" moniker and allowing himself to be possessed by the magic of Babidi, he has since be a straight up hero. While he struggled to overtake Goku in the Moro Arc, we were able to see how far Vegeta has progressed as he legitimately felt like he had to atone for the Namekian he murdered during the Freeza Saga.

Instagram Artist Jesse Onyina was able to take a number of the different transformations of Vegeta, including Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan God, and Super Saiyan Blue, and translate them into an entirely new way thanks to some stylized computer generated art work that gives us a brand new take on the Prince of the Saiyans:

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With the Moro Arc nearing its end as the battle wrapped in the latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super's manga, fans are waiting to see what the next story arc of the Akira Toriyama Shonen franchise will be and what it will hold in store for Vegeta. While we don't know when details will be revealed, it's a good bet that this winter's Jump Festa will give us our best bet for seeing what the new story of the franchise will have in store for the Z Fighters.

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