Dragon Ball Super Prompts Plot Hole Questions with Latest Chapter

Dragon Ball Super put out a special update this week with its new chapter, and fans are already scouring the issue for secrets. After all, the manga's monthly schedule ensures hype is high for Goku's comeback, and chapter 71 has tons to be excited about. But thanks to one scene, fans are circling back to the Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc with a big question.

The situation came to light when Dragon Ball Super made a surprising visit to Bulma's home in its new chapter. Several of the Heeters managed to sneak their way into the base to locate the Dragon Radar, but there was something unusual going on with Earth's relics. It turns out the dragon balls aren't locatable on the radar which means they cannot be used, so it seems someone made a wish on the dragon balls.

dragon ball goku
(Photo: Bandai)

Of course, this isn't that unusual, but the series tends to make it clear when dragon balls have been used. Readers have been flipping through the Dragon Ball Super manga to find details on this hidden wish. So far, there has been nothing to show in terms of evidence, but one scene in chapter 59 sets up what most likely happened.

Back during Moro's peak, Goku found himself going against the villain on Earth, and he was joined by several allies along the way. It was there Gohan and Piccolo spoke with Goku during a short breather, and the pair said the Saiyan can go all out because they can fix any damage he causes.

"Go all-out and don't worry about the Earth," Gohan stresses. "We've already gathered up the Earth's dragon balls. They're at Dende's place! That means we can always put everything back to normal!"


While this wish to fix Earth was never shown explicitly, it might have happened in the fallout of Moro's defeat. For now, this plot hole seems to have a succinct answer, but some fans are not convinced. They believe something else is blocking the relics from Bulma's radar, so we'll just have to wait for more Dragon Ball Super chapters to see which theory is right in the end.

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