Dragon Ball Super: Is Goku Going to Lose to Moro?

Dragon Ball Super's latest manga arc has finally come to the moment fans have been waiting for: the showdown between Goku and new series villain, Planet-Eater Moro. The evil sorcerer has the unique power to siphon life-energy, which allowed him to completely cancel out Goku and Vegeta's Super Saiyan abilities. In response, Goku trained with Merus, an angel posing as a Galactic Patrol officer, who helped the Saiyan hero finally unlock the secrets of the divine technique, Ultra Instinct. However, as Goku is now about to battle Moro one-on-one using his new Ultra Instinct Sign power-up, there's still reason to doubt that this is fight he can win!

Warning: Dragon Ball Super manga SPOILERS Follow!

When Goku and Moro meet on the battlefield of Earth in Dragon Ball Super Moro quickly realizes that Goku has returned (after nearly being killed by Moro) with a whole new set of powers. Goku dispatches Moro's top henchman SaganBo so hard and fast that it's barely visible to all the Z-Fighters watching. However, Dragon Ball Super fans didn't miss a beat: Even though Moro is shocked when Goku transforms into Ultra Instinct Sign, the villain also seems to recognize the nature of Goku's power-up, telling the Saiyan hero, "This is no mortal ability..."

The context of that line from Moro suddenly takes on some crucial importance. If Moro simply sense that the power is of divine nature, then he still doesn't necessarily know how to counter it; but if recognizes what Ultra Instinct is, specifically, then Goku could be in a world of trouble in this battle.

Moro's backstory reaches back ten million years in the Dragon Ball universe, to a time in which he was battling Supreme Kais and trying to devour all life-force in the known universe. Given that Moro is such a big cosmic-level villain, there's no telling what kind of divine powers he encountered while battling Kais, and other divine beings. He could easily have the means to absorb or outright overpower Ultra Instinct - no matter how much Goku has improved.

Dragon Ball Super Manga Goku Ultra Instinct Sign vs Moro
(Photo: Shonen Jump Magazine)

What makes this an even more exciting possibility is that unlike so many other Dragon Ball stories, it is not at all a requirement that Goku win this particular villain battle. After Moro nearly killed both Goku and Vegeta, the latter when off to Planet Yardrat (home of the Instant Transmission technique) to master the art of "Spirit Control." From what we've seen, that training has not only made Vegeta exponentially more powerful, it's also given a versatile new array of techniques (teleportation, size-control, shadow clones) that could be used to beat Moro. Since Vegeta hasn't yet returned to Earth, Goku could ultimately lose, with Vegeta coming in to finish the fight.

...No dbout the Vegeta fandom is calling for that upset to the usual Dragon Ball formula.


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