Dragon Ball Super: Did the Series Just Introduce Nappa's Family?

The latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super's manga took the opportunity to tell the story of Granolah and his mother being saved from the destruction of the Cerealian race, saved by none other than Goku's father Bardock. With this entry taking the opportunity to dive into the past, fans have begun debating whether or not a certain character might have been represented by his family, as the former partner of Vegeta, Nappa. Fans have also spotted a potential connection between this new chapter and the latest film, Dragon Ball Super: Broly.

Nappa first appeared during the Saiyan Saga, easily handling most of the Z Fighters who were attempting to defend the Earth when both himself and the Saiyan Prince had arrived. While Nappa has never returned from the dead, like Raditz who had arrived before him to threaten the Earth, he did make a brief appearance in the out-of-continuity series known as Dragon Ball GT, wherein the Saiyan bruiser was once again killed by Vegeta. Ironically, Nappa's death during the Grand Tour was at the hands of Vegeta who had found the light and was attempting to protect the world while numerous denizens of Hell were breaking free of their imprisonment during the Super 17 Arc.

Twitter User Ryuko Yukikaze noticed that one of the Saiyans happened to look strikingly similar to Nappa, who was the Saiyan known as Taro and was originally a part of Bardock's crew, though he might just have a relation to Vegeta's former partner based on his appearance and choice of facial hair:

While it doesn't seem as if Nappa will be making a return to the land of the living in the near future, he had a role to play in the story of the video game, Dragon Ball FighterZ. In the fighting game that is considered one of the best in the Shonen series, Nappa and several other villains were brought back from the dead thanks to a plan enacted by Android 21, who was seeking to absorb the antagonists' power into herself. 

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