Dragon Ball Super Reveals the Secret Behind Beerus' Earrings

Dragon Ball Super is blazing forward with its new arc in the manga, and it is setting itself up to be one of the best yet. Goku is continuing to train hard with Whis while new villains out in the universe are plotting a special Saiyan trick. Of course, this plan involves Vegeta as you'd expect, but he is more prepared than ever thanks to Beerus. And now, the God of Destruction has told fans something about himself we never knew before.

The moment came in Dragon Ball Super chapter 71 this month. The long-awaited release followed Vegeta in part as he continued his training with Beerus. It seems he has a better knack with Hakai now, and Beerus gives Vegeta one of his earrings to commemorate the moment. And no, it isn't just for kicks and giggles.

Dragon Ball Super Beerus Destroyer Real Life Galaxy Killer

"Take this," Beerus tells his student. "Stick it on your ear. It's a symbol of those who can use destruction."

So, there you have it! It turns out Beerus wasn't just wearing earrings for fun all this time. The God of Destruction has made it clear the piercings have meaning. When you wear an ear cuff like Beerus, you are telling the world that you know how to use Hakai, and Vegeta is glad to wear the jewelry. And once he puts it on, it is impossible to miss the proud look on Beerus' face.

This revelation has caused fans of Dragon Ball Super to revisit the other Gods of Destruction, but you shouldn't expect them to all wear earrings. Champa and Ramon can be seen donning such jewelry, but the other gods show their power in other ways. For some, they choose to wear gold chokers while others go for arm cuffs. So if Vegeta isn't loving this ear cuff, he has some other style choices available to him.


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