Dragon Ball Super Revelation Sparks Debate Over the Power of Dragon Balls

Dragon Ball has been around for years now, and the series has introduced a lot of arcs in its time. This fact rings true day as the franchise recently kicked off a new arc involving the Dragon Balls, but the relics seem to have caused some debate this time around. After all, there is a new set of Dragon Balls in the multiverse, and there is no telling how powerful they may be.

The moment in question went down in chapter 69 of Dragon Ball Super. The update saw the introduction of a new Namekian named Monaito and their Dragon Balls. The fighter made a set of Dragon Balls with only two orbs. By the end of the chapter, the set is reunited with help from Granolah, and an Eternal Dragon named Toronbo appears. But after the sniper made his wish, fans were fairly unconvinced.


Granolah wished to become the strongest warrior in the universe, and that is quite the tall order. It is pretty difficult to make such a wish come true, and only a very powerful Eternal Dragon could make it happen. Now, the question is whether Toronbo is that strong, but it seems fairly unlikely.

After all, it has been said an Eternal Dragon is only as powerful as its creator, and it seems Monaito crafted the relics. This means the dragon could be limited in its powers, and if it is strong enough for this wish, then Monaito is a sight to behold. Eternal Dragons are also pretty straightforward when it comes to granting wishes, so Toronbo would deny the request if need be. So now, fans are waiting to see how the dragon reacts. And if he cannot grant the wish, you can bet Granolah will search for someone who can!

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