Dragon Ball Super Reveals Majin Buu's New Fists of Fury Technique

The Dragon Ball Super manga has created an arc that is being praised by fans far and wide, with none other than Majin Buu managing to take center stage. Buu's appearance and abilities have always been strange, even in comparison to the other characters introduced in the Dragon Ball universe. In his fight against Moro in the manga series latest chapter, Buu unleashes a number of strange new techniques, one of which is his "fists of fury".

Like so many other DB villains before him, Majin Buu found himself on the side of angels thanks in part to Mr. Satan's influence during the final arc of the Dragon Ball Z series. While being somewhat sidelined in Dragon Ball Super, especially when he fell asleep before entering the Tournament of Power, this latest arc in the manga is making Buu one of the major players. Enter his fight with the sorcerer Moro on planet Namek.

In the past, Buu has had powers that involve turning people into candy, splitting into numerous clones of himself, and self-regeneration to name a few. In the most recent chapter, Majin Buu unleashes his new "fists of fury" technique that has him sprouting four new arms beneath his normal two. Surprisingly enough, this isn't the first time we've seen a move that involved sprouting new arms from a character, with Tenshinhan performing such a move in the original Dragon Ball series.

(Photo: Shueisha)


Unlike Tenshinhan's move, Buu ratchets his version up a notch as his fists actually detach from his arms and continue pummeling Moro as he holds a conversation with Goku, Vegeta, and the Galactic Patrol. As his new fists hold Moro to the ground, Buu is unable to deliver the killing blow as Moro's underling, Cranberry, manages to summon the Namekian dragon to grant the mad sorcerer's wishes. While one of the wishes restored Moro's magical powers to their fullest, his third wish is not revealed and now readers are wondering what Moro could have wished for in his chat with Porunga.

The chapter itself ends with Buu giving control of his body to the "Great Lord of Lords", signaling potentially even more new abilities to come from him moving forward. Fans have been loving this arc due to its unpredictability and new villain Moro so it will certainly make for some amazing scenes in the anime once its translated onto audiences' screens.

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