Dragon Ball Super Sets Up a Save for Goku's Crew with SPOILER

Dragon Ball Super has put its fighters in a real life-or-death predicament, but fans are confident the worse will not come to pass. Over the decades, plenty of deaths have shaken the World of Dragon Ball only for them to be revised with a quick resurrection. That seems to be what's coming for the Z-Fighters as a certain someone is poised to save the day with some senzu beans.

The savior was set up at the start of Dragon Ball Super chapter 62. When the update went live, fans were stunned as they watched Moro wreck Goku's team. It all happened after the baddie knocked out Vegeta for real, and Goku was left with little a massive hole in his chest thanks to the villain.

That update told fans how powerful Moro was, and they were not sure how the Z-Fighters were going to get out of this mess. It seemed all but certain that Goku was ready to bleed out, but that was before the manga cut to Krillin. The fighter is out in the middle of nowhere with a bag of senzu beans, and he is berating himself for not giving Goku a handful earlier.

(Photo: Viz Media)

"Not good, not good - everybody's chi signatures keep getting smaller," Krillin muttered as he headed towards the battleground.

"If only I'd given Goku some senzu beans before we split. Dammit! I hope I make it in time!"


Of course, Dragon Ball Super ended its latest chapter with a tease of Moro's new combatant, and it did so by giving Krillin a way to Goku. With all of the Z-Fighters out for the count, Krillin will need to give beans to just about everyone save Jaco. Piccolo and Goku are the most in need of treatment, so here's to hoping Krillin has got enough beans to go around!

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