Dragon Ball Super Explains Why New Namek Could Be Saved

When it comes to Dragon Ball, fans should expect the Namekian race to have a hard time. The aliens have been through some gnarly situations over the years, and Dragon Ball Super only continued the trend. However, the most recent chapter of the manga gave New Namek a break, and it went so far as to explain why New Namek was salvageable.

For those who are not caught up with the location, New Namek is the home of the Namekians these days. It was settled after Namek was obliterated by Frieza and Goku years ago, and the planet has thrived ever since. That was the case until Moro showed up, and well - the villain sucked all the energy from New Namek along with its people.

This devastating blow killed everyone on the planet while leaving the planet to rot. However, a new technique learned by Vegeta returned all that energy back to New Namek which is slowly turning it back to its usual form. And as for the people, the Namekian Esca figured out how its people were able to return to their bodies despite their corpses being left outside for at least a month.

Dragon Ball Super New Namek Fate Chapter 51

"The Dragon Balls we left behind must have somehow protected everyone, keeping the planet and its lifeforms from rotting away," the boy explained.


Of course, the Dragon Balls are what help give New Namek its life force. The mystical objects have power beyond reason as fans have seen time and again. Now, fans can rest easy knowing most of the Namekians and their planet are fine once more, so here's to hoping they stay safe as the series moves forward.

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