Did Dragon Ball Super Hint at Moro Becoming a Good Guy?

Dragon Ball has gone through its share of villains, and a good few of them have died to never return. Of course, there are others who Goku took down and came to the light. From Piccolo to even the Androids, Goku managed to redeem a surprising number of villains, and one comment has fans wondering if Goku will do the same for Moro.

Recently, a new chapter went live of Dragon Ball Super, and it was there fans checked in on Goku. The hero was healed just in time by Dende to return to the battlefield where Moro was fighting Merus. The angel was giving the baddie a run for his money, but his interference came at a price. Merus' decision to fight Moro meant he would cease to exist, but fans learned why the angel was so determined to give Goku a shot at winning.

And why is that? It turns out the Merus believes Goku has more to do with his reformation efforts. The Saiyan might not be trying to intentionally turn baddies around, but Goku says things are more exciting when villains are given that opportunity.

Dragon Ball Super Moro Terrifying Power Boost Update Manga Spoilers
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"If they rise up to do bad stuff again, I just have to become stronger by then, right? I'll fight them as many times as it takes, and at some point - just maybe - they'll decide to join the good side," he said.

Of course, it is hard to imagine Moro falling for such a lesson. The villain has been lurking around for millennia, and he still has not been reformed. It seems nigh impossible for Goku to do the job, and fans aren't sure they want Moro to stick around for long. But as Dragon Ball fans know already, Goku is going to do whatever he wants to do.


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