Dragon Ball Super Takes Cue From Ms. Marvel With New Gas Power

Dragon Ball Super has reached the climax of the fight with Gas, and the newest chapter of the series took a surprising cue from Ms. Marvel with the Heeter's newest power! The Granolah the Survivor arc has been getting closer and closer to its grand finale with each new chapter, but the fight against Gas has been evolving in a way many fans didn't expect. There have been new power ups and abilities for each side, and the previous chapter of the series took it to the next and presumably final level as Gas unleashed a powerful final form.

Gas had pushed his body beyond its limit to unlock one final boost of supreme power, and the newest chapter of the series demonstrated just how much stronger he got with the newest transformation. While he had been unlocking new powers with each new transformation he has used so far, the newest chapter of the series saw an extension of the energy weapons he had been using to now form a new set of giant fists and feet in order to bat away Goku much like Ms. Marvel's titular new superhero. 

Ms. Marvel's Disney+ series introduced fans to a much different take on Kamala Khan from the comics. Rather than having the stretchy body powers seen in her original incarnation, the Marvel Cinematic Universe take on the character sees her channeling cosmic powers through a bracelet that allows her to form giant hands and feet (that look sort of like how they would have with her stretchy body in the original comic series). It's a pretty neat deviation from that first incarnation, and Chapter 86 of Dragon Ball Super sees Gas using that same power. 

Gas' new form extends his energy manifestation and makes it to where he can form giant hands and feet to kick Goku with. Much like Ms. Marvel, these are an extension of his physical body and work just as well as the Marvel hero's powers do. It's a funny coincidence between the two, and it's far from the wildest power we have seen Gas use to date. Thankfully it also seems like the fight against Gas will be over relatively soon enough

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