Dragon Ball Star Recalls Their Favorite Recording Moments with Goku's Actress

Piccolo is set to receive a major upgrade in this summer's Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, the next chapter of the shonen series that will be hitting theaters in Japan, North America, and around the world. Fighting against the Red Ribbon Army while Goku and Vegeta are off world, Piccolo will be teaming up with Gohan to battle some new androids and the voice behind the former demon king took the opportunity to dive into the history of his time with the character, sharing one of his favorite memories as the Namekian.

Both Toshio and Masako have been voicing their respective characters for decades, with both Goku and Piccolo being introduced in the first Dragon Ball series in the 1980s. While Piccolo originally started as a villain and a demon king that was seeking to rule the world with an iron fist, he eventually came to be a protector of the world thanks to the influence of Goku's son, Gohan. 

In the latest interview with Toshio Furukawa, the Official Dragon Ball Site chatted with the voice actor and asked what his "stand-out" moments were from his long history as the Namekian Piccolo:

"Masako Nozawa was the "mood-maker" in the studio, always telling jokes, making the whole thing feel like a group of friends just having a good time. One of her jokes I remember was during the scenes where Piccolo was training Gohan, she and Joji Yanami would start scolding me, saying, "Stop bullying Gohan!" Joji was good with jokes too, I remember he'd say to me, "Just because you're Furu-kawa doesn't mean you can go full-power! He's just a kid!" And then I'd always apologize like, "I'm sorry! It's just part of my character!"  

One of the biggest aspects of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero for Piccolo is that the Namekian is receiving a new transformation that apparently sees his "potential unleashed". While fans of Dragon Ball still aren't sure how this will compare to the likes of Ultra Instinct and Ultra Ego, many will agree that its been a long time coming for the Namekian to get a serious boost in the energy department.

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Via Dragon Ball Official