Dragon Ball Super Releases Chapter 77 Drafts: Read

Dragon Ball Super is on the cusp of a new chapter, and fans are ready to turn their focus towards the update. After all, the manga is deep into its Granolah the Survivor arc, and the sniper has become awfully powerful since he debuted. Now, the draft of chapter 77 is live, and it shifts focus from Granolah to a familiar Saiyan who Goku forgot long ago.

For those who don't know, Dragon Ball Super puts out drafts of its new manga chapters each month, and its new one is here. The preview gives fans a peek at chapter 77, and the snippet is all about the past. After all, the Namekian, Monaito, teased readers about Granolah's past and confirmed Bardock is responsible for him being alive right now.

As you can see above, Twitter user Herms98 gave fans a rundown of the draft, and chapter 77 will have lots to do with Granolah's past. Monaito set the stage some weeks ago when he told the sniper that he's alive because of Bardock. At the time, Vegeta was stunned by the confession while Goku looked on confused. And now, we are finding out more details about that history.

According to this draft, the Namekians on Planet Cereal lived very peacefully with the locals. The planet was sparsely populated, so everyone knew each other. Unfortunately, the population was also unarmed when the Saiyan race arrived, and they were slaughtered with ease. Only Monaito made it out alive of his people, and the promo ends with Bardock's Great Ape noticing the Namekian. Obviously, the hero survives this encounter, and Dragon Ball Super fans are eager to learn more about Bardock's role in this juicy arc.

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