Dragon Ball Shares Name of Super Saiyan Rose's Final Form

Dragon Ball has tons of transformations to cycle through, but some of them are more popular than others. Obviously, Super Saiyan Blue and Ultra Instinct are the biggest these days, but more are ready to join the battle. And now, fans have been introduced to the final stage of Super Saiyan Rose along with its name.

The introduction happened this week thanks to the new episode of Dragon Ball Heroes. The update checked in on Gogeta as the pair continued their fight with Crimson. As fans know, the latter had gone Super Saiyan Rose 3 in battle, but he managed to reach a previously unseen level of the form.

According to this Dragon Ball series, this new iteration is called Super Saiyan Rose Full Power. The state is not quite Super Saiyan 4, but it does give the user their tail back. Crimson is also given a huge boost in muscle mass, and their eyebrows make a comeback.

As for how this form is reached, well - it comes from the actual universe. Vegeta's Controlled Berserk Super Saiyan God form cannot even compete with that. In order to get into this new form, Crimson manages to siphon energy from the universe and mix it with his own. But once Gogeta unites, it is game over for the Super Saiyan Rose Full Power stint.

Clearly, the side-story is playing loose with power levels, but there is a new form of Super Saiyan Rose to analyze. There is no telling if this kind of boost will ever become canon, but fans are free to riff off this form however they'd like. And if the Dragon Ball fandom knows how to do one thing well, it is messing with Saiyan forms.


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