Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Theory Pits Gohan Against His Worst Timeline

It has been some years since Dragon Ball Super put out any new anime, but that will be changing before much longer. If you did not here, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero will be the next film to tackle the franchise, and fans have been eager to see which fighters would star in the feature. As it turns out, Gohan is going to be a main player in the movie, but a new theory suggests Goku's son may face a cursed timeline soon...

The whole thing came to light after Dragon Ball Super's new trailer put Gohan front and center. Goku's son took up a sizable bit of the clip as he was shown going against two androids, Gamma 1 and Gamma 2. The mysterious fighters appear to be villains or even just opponents in this movie, but fans know Gohan has a bad track record with androids.

"Wait a minute, Gohan is fighting two Androids in the rain while going Super Saiyan in this movie, where have I seen that before – oh sh-t," wrote one fan, MunstaMasta, on Twitter. The idea was echoed quickly by others, and Gohan fans are now eyeing the hero carefully given his whole history with Future Trunks and that timeline's androids.

If you will remember, Dragon Ball Z regaled fans with Gohan's life in the alternate timeline where Android 17 and Android 18 ruined Earth. The pair brought humanity to its knees, and Goku couldn't stop the duo due to a heart defect. It fell to Gohan and Trunks to survive and save others whenever possible. But when Gohan had to fight the androids one-on-two, the Saiyan was brutally killed.

The story has scarred fans for decades now, and Dragon Ball Super's new trailer is bringing up bad memories. The movie is not set in a timeline where Gohan has died before, but fans have seen what kind of damage androids can do. If these Gamma twins are strong, Gohan is out of practice enough to be in serious danger. So hopefully, Gohan manages to do better against these androids than he did before in a lifetime far, far away.

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