Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Gets U.S. Rating

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is almost ready to take its place in theaters stateside. After a solid debut in Japan, the film is slated to hit the big screen in the U.S. in a couple of weeks. Now, we know what kind of rating Dragon Ball Super earned with its latest film, and it is higher than fans expected.

According to Fandango, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero will be rated PG-13. This means the movie is suitable for audiences ages 13 and up. This label is a bit higher than expected given Dragon Ball Super: Broly earned a PG rating back in 2019.

For those unfamiliar with this upcoming release, it has some pretty high stakes which account for its higher rating. Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero shifts attention from Goku and focuses on Piccolo as he takes on the Red Ribbon Army with Gohan at hand. The pair are dragged into battle when the old-school organization resurfaces with all-new technology and sets its sights on Pan. In order to rescue the girl, Piccolo and Gohan go on a mission just like the old days, and it doesn't take long before the Z-Fighters get called in for back up.

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Over in Japan, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero has been met with positive reviews, and Toei Animation is most definitely eager to see the film drop globally. After all, it has only been released in Japan to date, so there is a lot of money left on the box office's table right now. Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero has earned about $17.6 million USD domestically. Global markets like Latin America are expected to bolster the movie's international earnings, but time will tell if it can compete with Dragon Ball Super: Broly's lifetime gross of $124.6 million. 

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