Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Director Comments on Its New Setting

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero has hit a bit of a delay, but you wouldn't know it based on how hyped the fandom is. Netizens are ready to see how the movie goes down, and no small part of that is thanks to the Red Ribbon Army. After all, the organization is bringing the fight to Earth and their wild new headquarters. So if you have questions about their digs, the film's director has some updates for you.

The word comes from Tetsuro Kodama, the director overseeing Dragon Ball Super's big movie. The director gave fans an update on the project in a recent interview for Anime Japan, and it was there he discussed the Red Ribbon Army's wild headquarters.

"We developed the image based on the concept art drawn by Toriyama-sensei, and added various elements. In this image, there is a large crater in a mountainous area, and a city like a park is built there. The concept is that the Red Ribbon Army actually resides here. Situated in a valley, the image is that of a place with fewer roads, making it difficult to use automobiles. Basically, the valley is traversed by monorail," the director shared (via Chronicles).

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If you have seen the trailer for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, you will know just how vibrant the army's territory is. It is filled with tech and bright shades of blue and red. Of course, everything is high-tech, and Kodama even describes it as an "amusement park" at one point in this interview. So while the Red Ribbon Army might be Goku's enemy, well – its sense of decor won't let us down. 

What do you think about Kodama's take on where the Red Ribbon Army resides? Are you excited to check out Dragon Ball Super's next movie? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.