Dragon Ball Super Sees SPOILER Make the Ultimate Sacrifice Against Moro

The Moro Arc has been focusing on an unbeatable foe in the form of the horned antagonist that has sapped energy from too many planets to count in Dragon Ball Super, and it seems as if one character has made the ultimate sacrifice in a bid to take down the villain! With Moro tearing through Goku's first form of Ultra Instinct and Vegeta's new techniques that he learned while training on the Planet Yardrat, it seems as though the unstoppable sorcerer would achieve his goal if not for the sacrifice of one of the biggest character of the latest story line!

Warning! If you haven't read Chapter 63 of Dragon Ball Super's manga, you may want to avoid the rest of this article as we'll be diving into some BIG spoiler territory!

With Moro having defeated the Z-Fighters single handedly, salvation arrived in the form of Merus, the renegade angel turned space cop who assisted Son Goku in learning how to master the first level of Ultra Instinct. Essentially deciding to no longer sit on the sidelines, regardless of the commitment he had made as an angel, the battle between the angel and the sorcerer commenced and it seemed as if Merus would be able to do the impossible and take down Moro once and for all. Unfortunately for the Z Fighters, it seems that Merus taking advantage of his angelic powers was essentially signing his own death warrant.

Dragon Ball Super Merus Death
(Photo: Viz Media)

After absorbing the power of his henchman, OG73-1, Moro was not only given a power up, but also the ability to copy the powers of others! With Merus specifically targeting the gems within Moro that allow him to copy and retain the abilities of the Z Fighters, the Galactic Patrolman begins realizing that his time on this world isn't long and he begins to lose his form entirely.

Merus, by sacrificing himself, is able to give Goku and company a big leg up against the current Dragon Ball Super foe, not only in taking his copy ability, but with his death, seemingly giving Goku the ability to once again access the power of Ultra Instinct that he had once wielded against Jiren during the Tournament of Power. Though the angel might be gone, his legacy will definitely continue if Son has now mastered Ultra Instinct entirely.


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