Stephen Colbert's At Home Look Has Flashes Of Dragon Ball's Vegeta

The recent Corona Virus pandemic has had a lot of industries attempting to think outside of the box, with the late night host of Stephen Colbert being no different and his recent hair style as a result of the quarantine has fans thinking he was torn straight from the Planet Vegeta as Akira Toriyama's trademark prince! Vegeta has been a staple of the Dragon Ball series since his appearance in Dragon Ball Z during the Saiyan Arc, transforming from a blood thirsty planet ender into a family man that is still trying to overtake Goku in the power department.

The Late Show With Stephen Colbert has had over 900 episodes to its name, premiering in 2015 and skyrocketing its host into the public eye. With the Corona Virus causing the world of Hollywood and the world of anime to make a number of changes, it's no surprise to see that creative minds are still looking to link the two avenues through hilarious pieces of art. With Stephen Colbert sharing a picture of his ridiculous hair style on his official Twitter account, fans couldn't help but think that he had secretly become a Saiyan from the Dragon Ball franchise!

Boss Logic shared this hilarious edit of Stephen Colbert as a warrior within the Dragon Ball series, giving the late night talk show host a scouter and Saiyan armor that helps accentuate just how his "quarantine hairstyle" could help him fit right in with the most popular Shonen series in the world:

Dragon Ball Super has recently seen Vegeta undergoing a brand new form of training under the aliens that inhabit the world of the Planet Yardrat. Originally teaching Goku how to master the technique known as Instant Transmission, the denizens of Yardrat show off a number of insane moves to Vegeta, potentially hinting at the idea that the Prince of the Saiyans will arrive back on Earth with some new aces up his sleeve in the fight against Moro! With Colbert's haircut giving us Vegeta vibes, we have to wonder if an official hilarious crossover will take place at some point in the future considering Stephen's love of all things geek culture.

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