New Dragon Ball Ad Brings a Long Gone Character Back to Life

It's been quite some time since anime fans, who were alive at the time, witnessed the descent of Raditz in the first episodes of Dragon Ball Z, with the brother of Goku dying thanks to the tag-team efforts of both the Saiyan raised on Earth and Piccolo. Now, an advertisement for the mobile game Dragon Ball Legends has given us a live-action take on one of the first beings that Raditz encountered on the Planet Earth in the hilariously named "Farmer With A Shotgun", who had a power level of five. 

Considering that Radtiz's power level was around 1,500, the farmer wasn't able to do much to the Saiyan warrior, though he has remained a hilarious part of the Dragon Ball lore since first making his appearance in the early days fo the sequel series. If you're unfamiliar with Dragon Ball Legends, it's a mobile game that is often referred to as a "gacha", which has players collecting scores of characters from the Shonen franchise in helping them move through the story of the game itself. While the farmer with a shotgun hasn't played much of a role following his initial appearance, it's clear that he left a hilarious impression on fans. 

Youtube Channel Oricon shared the hilarious commercial for Dragon Ball Legends from Japan, which sees a live-action take on the farmer with a shotgun who is looking for revenge against the brother of Goku, yet still only has a power level of five despite holding a weapon in his hands:

Raditz is one of those characters that never has come back from the grave following his death in the early episodes of Dragon Ball Z, unable to join the likes of Frieza and so many other heroes and villains that have been a part of Akira Toriyama's franchise throughout the years. With the spin-off series, Super Dragon Ball Heroes, taking the opportunity to bring back countless heroes and villains from the grave, we definitely wouldn't be surprised if the brother of Goku one day makes a comeback, along with an upgrade to put Raditz on an even playing field with the Z Fighters.

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