Dragon Ball Art Imagines the True Might of a Saiyan Invasion

Dragon Ball Z got the ball rolling on the wildly popular Akira Toriyama sequel series to the original show, introducing Goku to a world of alien warriors from which he was born by meeting his brother Raditz and one fan has amazingly recreated the "Saiyan Invasion" with some breath taking art all their own. With Raditz joined by Vegeta and Nappa following the destruction of their home planet by the villainous Freeza, the trio attempted to bring Goku back into the fold of destroying and/or selling a planet for profit by travelling through the galaxy.

Raditz, of course, wasn't long for the world of anime as he was killed by the tag team of Goku and Piccolo, who had been enemies throughout the first series of the franchise in Dragon Ball! With Raditz dying, this gave way to Nappa and Vegeta to travel to Earth in order to use the dragon balls for themselves and attempt to wish for immortality. These new Saiyan antagonists were a fantastic way of showing how different Z was going to be from Dragon Ball, introducing us not only into the origins of Goku's birth but also by bringing extra terrestrial threats to the anime franchise!

Reddit User Leo_Pard shared this breath taking Dragon Ball Z artwork by artist Aldger Relpa, giving us a new take on the Saiyan trio that used their massive power levels to conquer and destroy planets in order to sell them on the open market to help enrich the Freeza Empire:

And then came the Saiyans by AldgerRelpa (link in the comments) from r/dbz

In Dragon Ball Z, space has allowed the Z Fighters to meet insanely strong opponents and meet characters that they would have otherwise never experienced had they simply stayed on Earth. While the protagonists of the Dragon Ball series certainly have their own adventures on Earth regularly, as well as through time, it wasn't until the sequel series of Akira Toriyama's franchise that we had the chance to really explore just how out of their depth the heroes were outside of their usual locales.

Both Raditz and Nappa died early in the Dragon Ball Z series, but as we know, Vegeta became a part of the franchise and has long since abandoned his path of planet destruction.


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