Dragon Ball Z Art Recreates Vegeta's Shining Moment

Vegeta fans were more than a little disappointed with the latest Dragon Ball Super Arc, the Moro Arc, that didn't give the Prince of the Saiyans the killing blow against the nefarious wizard, but one fan artist has decided to revisit one of the anti-hero's biggest moments that took place in the Dragon Ball Z series! Vegeta himself has come a long way even following the conclusion of the Dragon Ball Z arc, moving far more into the role of a hero as he begins to recognize the terrible sins of his past and works to make reparations for the people he harmed.

During the beginning of the Android Arc, the precursor to the arrival of Cell in Dragon Ball Z, Vegeta had finally attained the power of a Super Saiyan and was reveling in his new transformation. With Goku falling as a result of the heart disease that Future Trunks had warned him about, Vegeta was pitted against the bizarre-looking Android 19. With the Prince of the Saiyans unleashing his newfound Super Saiyan power against the Android, the creation of Dr. Gero was decimated not only with his hands ripped from his body, but also engulfed in Vegeta's new attack at the time of the Big Bang Attack!

Reddit Artist Andy Red 64 shared this impressive fan art that re-imagines the moment where Super Saiyan Vegeta is able to brutally remove the hands of Android 19, proving to Dr. Gero that he greatly underestimated the power boost of not just the Saiyan Prince, but the Z Fighters as a whole:
Does a machine like yourself ever experience fear? (By me!) from r/dbz

Vegeta has certainly come a long way since this moment in Dragon Ball Z as mentioned earlier, not only when it comes to his overall character, but his sheer power level as he has not only learned the transformation of Super Saiyan Blue but also learned a few new tricks on the Planet Yardrat during the Moro Arc. With the new technique of Forced Spirit Fission at his disposal, it will be interesting to see how these new techniques come into play in the future of Dragon Ball Super and if Vegeta will be learning anything else!

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