Dragon Ball Z Fan Shares Impressive Custom LEGO Collection

Dragon Ball Z is one of the most profitable anime franchises when it comes to merchandise, with shirts, games, and everything in between havine Super Saiyans and Z Fighters strewn across them, and even though the series has never had an official LEGO set created for it, that isn't stopping fans from creating their own! Since debuting in the 1980's, Akira Toriyama's franchise has easily become one of the biggest Shonen series, and with the current running series of both Dragon Ball Super and Super Dragon Ball Heroes, it's easy to see it continue its profitable streak into the future!

Much like the Mobile Suit Gundam series with their Gundam Plastic Models, Dragon Ball has received a countless number of action figures over the years that has done its best to portray it's hundreds of characters. Funko Pops especially have truly benefited from the popular anime franchise, with the characters of Dragon Ball being some of the highest selling figures for the series since the Funko line began. While there are currently no plans, as far as we know, for official Dragon Ball Lego sets to be made, with the success of the likes of Marvel and Star Wars LEGO sets, we're hoping that the long running toy eventually dives into the anime feet first!

Reddit User Vertkage shared their impressive collection of custom made Dragon Ball LEGO Figures and sets, proving that the long running anime franchise is dying to become a part of LEGO and would definitely fit into the many other franchises that have appeared via the building sets:

All my Lego Dragon ball: Kame house, Kami's lookout, dino chase, Bundokai Tenkaichi, Z-fighters + shenron from r/dbz

With plenty of locales to choose from including the battlefields of Planet Earth, Namek, the afterlife, King Kai's home, and too many others to count, there is definitely plenty of material to mine for Dragon Ball Z to hit the world of LEGOs should the long running building toys deem to "rock the dragon".


Dragon Ball Super has yet to reveal any plans on returning to its anime format, though the story has continued in the pages of the manga as the Z Fighters square off against the villainous wizard known as Moro.

What Dragon Ball characters and play sets would you like to see brought to the world of LEGO? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of Dragon Ball!