Italian Singer Shares Love For Dragon Ball Z With Adorable Majin Buu Costume

Majin Buu is easily one of the strangest villains introduced in the Dragon Ball franchise, first hitting the scene as a powerhouse more obsessed with candy than anything else, but transforming into a number of forms during his fights against the Z Fighters. Though he eventually joined the side of the angels, he remains one of the most notable antagonists in the series, and the pink wrecking ball has appeared in a strange new way.  

Though Majin Buu only had a brief role in the Tournament of Power Arc which took place in the Shonen sequel, his biggest role in Dragon Ball Super has yet to be translated to the anime. During the Moro Arc, the saga which saw the Z Fighters battling against the evil wizard known as Moro, the arc delves into the past of Buu and how one of the Kaioshin that he had absorbed early in his career is still playing a role within the body of the former villain. With the Granolah The Survivor Arc leaving Buu on the sidelines, ti will be interesting to see where the heavyweight will appear next.

Italian Singer Fedez shared a picture of his son, dressed up in an outfit to make him look like the major Dragon Ball Z character that has remained a part of the series that originated in the mind of Akira Toriyama and currently retains his balloon-like self that first appeared in the anime:

Dragon Ball is set to have a big year in 2022, with this April seeing the arrival of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, the next film in the franchise. While Majin Buu hasn't been confirmed to appear in this new movie, the fact that it takes place on Earth certainly might score him a cameo as Gohan and Piccolo fight against the new androids from the Red Ribbon Army. While Dragon Ball Super has yet to confirm when its television series will be returning, there have been rumors that its return is on the horizon.

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